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Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting ready for big changes!

No we are not having another child. We are venturing into a new business in the Framing and Home improvement area. So as we prepare to take on this huge next step and along with other programs we are currently involved in please don't get too upset if we are unavailable. Along with starting this new company I am continuing to work for my current employer until it is unnecessary. If anyone has some question about what projects we can help you tackle this summer or sooner please let me know and I can see what and where we can help. Remember all projects will include HST starting July 1st that is for both labour and materials.

We can handle framing, renovating, additions, decks, sheds, fence/railings, windows. We have private contractors in the Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC trades available to all our projects.

Kopher Wood Contacting
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Stupid is the NHL??

Checking some sports headlines I have seen that the NHL is going to try to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes franchise in order to keep it in Glendale, AZ. Do they really think that just because they have some immediate interest there right now they can keep it profitable when they can't make the playoffs. What is going to happen when there is another two or three losing seasons? Are they going to try to find a buyer who will keep it there then? Who would want to keep a losing team in a losing city?

Even when Balsillie was going after the Penguins and Predators, the NHL had the same stance. You cannot move the team they have to stay put. They were however open to putting a team in some other useless city in the South were because of profit sharing they would never be too far out of pocket. So when our Canadian teams bring in millions in revenue for the six teams we have and they have to support the lesser teams, someone has to shake Bettmans head. Is he not a business man, would it not be better for the NHL if they had another team which would sell out game after game and have huge merchandise profits like that of the Habs or Leafs?

If you ask me, Bettman is the wrong guy to be leading the NHL in these troubled times. So, Mr Balsillie has gone the wrong way to get a team, but is $212 million not better than a team which will lose money year after year for the NHL? I guess the NHL as a corporation is doing well, they seem to have lots of dollars sunk in legal fees to keep the sale from going through and to be able to purchase a team (sounds like conflict of interest to me). What would happen if (and that is a strong if) Phoenix was to win the cup would Bettman get his name on it? would Mr Daley? Who do you put as the owner in that situation. Are they going to buy at a high price to entice the judge to allow it and then sell lower to someone who will keep it in Phoenix?

I would like to see what other organizations have to say about this transactions, and how ethical this is.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WhY I hate unemployment

This may come as a shock to some, but I hate being unemployed! We are finishing up 4 months now which is a third of a year. I like everyone else probably thought I would quickly jump back on my feet and into a new job. But, instead I am checking job boards daily hoping to find anything now that I think I can do. Which has got me second guessing myself because I have applied for about 50 jobs and had 2 interviews no other real responses. So I have a high school diploma, two years of college and some experience in Customer Service, Retail, Sales and Hotel, along with many years experience as a Framer.

My children are beginning to wear on me as the stress of being unemployed and a stay at home dad. Also, this lovely weather which keeps kids trapped indoors for extended periods of time does not help at all. From summers when I grew up playing outdoors everyday, to this summer where they are lucky to get to play in a wet backyard twice a week. It is hardly warm enough to go swimming.

Now I appreciate the help everyone is trying to give me when it comes to job searches, and those helping me keep busy with little side projects. But, at the end I feel as if they are just as frustrating, I have had to find a temporary person to watch the kids or wait until my wife has a day off, which for those who know hasn't been too many. If that happens that on a day off I am giving up some of the little time I get to spend with her to go help people.

I am beginning to wonder what is going to happen first, finding a job or being sent to place where the walls are padded.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Creating false Idols

How easy it is to do this, even when you don't think you do!

This has been spoken into me the last week as I spent one night in Mississauga at the Leadership Training time through our church. We all think this would be easy to follow as there is only one god and should not idolize others. We do however do it in our everyday life and may not realize it until it is brought to our own attention both intentionally or not. The message Wednesday night was not made for me, but was obviously given to Chris to speak about because someone there needed to hear it.

The Victoria day long weekend, I participated in the Canadian National Championships in ten pin bowling. I realized that those there were there because they are some of the best in Canada, but what I did was put them above myself even though I deserved to be there as well. Yes some of these guys have been seen on TV which may have helped me think they were more deserving of the attention, but my dreams that I see have me winning tournaments against some great bowlers. I believe that by allowing my self to think that these bowlers were more important that myself, I went against the plan of god. Then as I was unable to clearly think I made many mistakes on the lanes which caused me to miss the cut and ultimately the National team.

We are given dreams by god, he wants us to have to dreams to see what is possible through him, if we try to make our own dreams based on others successes we are trying to do things on our own strength not his strength. We are worshipping what others have or have done not what we have or can do ourselves with faith. This could be something as simple as a friend who has a better house, you want to be as good or better than them instead of finding what gods has for us. I now know that my dreams are his dreams for me, he knows what I am capable of and instead of looking at what others have done and accomplished, I need to only remind myself that what I am going to do will be far better than that.

If athletes are thinking, I want kids to say I want to be just like so and so, they need to see that yes they have a great talent, but people need to see themselves as themselves, that is they way god created them and that is how he will see them. He will not give Pro Athletes a better version of heaven as there is only one. He will not give them more attention because of status on earth, he loves all his children.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bowling an Olympic Sport

With an upcoming Olympic games, I always have wondered why bowling never stayed in the Olympics. With a sport that has seen a decline in participation in recent years, getting into the next summer games would be a huge increase in exposure for the game. With coverage getting so expensive for even the PBA tour to show live finals they have decided to tape delay a few tournaments and show mid week or a lower cost times.
I believe that the level of competition and the ability to dress all lanes the same with the use of new conditioning machines and lane care technology that lanes cannot be "baked" to suit a certain bowler. Therefore, there is no advantage to south paws other than there are fewer than righties.
After participating, which I say loosely, in the Canadian National Championships this past weekend there is definately a lot of talent in the game which needs to be shown more across the globe. Also, watching the Weber cup you see that there is talent world wide as the PBA pros had to work to handle the european pros. It was fun to watch as there was a lot of strikes and great bowling which also can make it very entertaining.
If the Olympic commitee needs some help deciding if it is worth it to put such a great game in the Olympics I believe that there would be more than enough support worldwide for this. For those who would like to help find a way to get the message through to the IOC, My writing will continue to support this in the future and hope that one day I will be there to watch or participate in the event as it returns to the Olympics.
Best of luck and good bowling.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What happens when SPORTS cross seasons

This has got to be the most exciting May I have had in a long time. Not only am I preparing to dominate the Lanes in Burlington later this month but also is the start of Baseball season. I just went out to the cages tonight, and I know the people who have been helping me may not be impressed that I would be taking time away from the lanes, But it felt great swinging again.

Not only will I be playing in the KFL again this year but I will also be in a recreational 3 pitch league with our church group and looking to rack up a some wins(although we are there for fun). I look forward to playing for my third year in the KFL and if the cages were any indication of what is to come I should hit plenty of balls. But, that intensity will come after the Canadian National on the long weekend.

I cannot beleive they are only a week and a bit away, it seems like I have been working out for a while and learning many new things but thought I could still change more before we begin. My coaching has been excellent, using a former Olympian and Canadian team Member has been a great influence on how I prepare for this. She in my mind is still one of Canada's best and most achieved bowler. Many thanks go to her and the time she has spent breaking my bad habits from when we started 5 years ago to today, the slaps on the wrist are greatly appreciated. With only good news to come.

Thanks for everyone's supports

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting ready to move sucks!!

This may just be me procrastinating, because to be honest I hate packing for moving. But, I have been reassured by others I am not the only one who feels like this. I had to promise a friend though that after the last time we moved I would be more prepared. Last time we moved people showed up on the day and half our stuff was still unpacked, I guess that was well under prepared. So this time we have already started (Ok by we I mean me, since I get to sit at home all day anyway). Not only were we getting ready to move our house, but our church had potentially bought a new building which would have been more preparing and moving. Although for the time being the deal has been put on hold.

Now, since this move is a temporary move 6-8 mos max. that would mean I have to do everything all over again. Sounds like fun! But, for the most part our stuff will be kept in storage so when we do find a house it will be easier to move. I cannot wait, as we continue to look at MLS and all other sorts of options for the future we are so excited about the possibility of owning our own house. As we see prices remain for the first time in many years the potential of getting a steal at the end of summer is awesome. Although we want to stay in our current area for school reasons as the D-man already has said he is going to miss his friends.

We have this verse posted on our fridge and I think that it applies to our situation as well as our church's. It also came to me Tuesday after we heard about the deal falling through. It is Philippians 4 6:7 Do not worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience Gods peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard you hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

We know he has plans for us and he will reveal them to us all as we continue to look to him for guidance.